You are the beginning of the transformed world Eckhart Tolle

Meditation=present moment awareness

We as human beings, through our mammalian programming, seek to cling to the pleasurable and reject the unpleasant. The ego, the automatic self is in control, from its point of view the world is full of lack, of diminishment, fear. This is suffering. Awareness of this habitual hook is a path to freedom. 




When things fall apart Pema Chodron

‘If we knew how unhappy it was making the whole planet that we all try to avoid pain and seek pleasure, how that was making us miserable and cutting us off from our basic heart and our basic intelligence, then we would practice meditation as if our hair were on fire. Meditation is the basis for an enlightened society that is not based on winning and losing, loss and gain. When we sit down to meditate, we can connect with something unconditional, a state of mind, a basic environment that does not grasp or reject anything. Everything is allowed to come and go without further embellishment…not filling the space allowing for the possibility of connecting with unconditional openness, this provides the basis for real change. 


When we cling to thoughts and memories, we are clinging to that which cannot be grasped. When we touch those phantoms and let them go, we may discover a space, a break in the chatter, a glimpse of open sky. This is our birthright, the wisdom with which we were born, the vast unfolding display of primordial richness, primordial openness, primordial wisdom itself. All that is necessary then is to rest undistractedly in the immediate present, in this very instant in time. And if we become drawn away by thoughts, by longings, by hopes and fears, again and again we can return to this present moment. We are here. We are carried off as if by the wind, and as if by the wind we are brought back. When one thought has ended and another has not begun, we can rest in that space. We train in returning to the unchanging heart of this very moment. All compassion and all inspiration come from that. 

This is the training of the bodhisattva, the training of the servants of peace. The world needs people who are trained like this bodhisattva politicians, bodhisattva police, bodhisattva parents, bodhisattva bus drivers, bodhisattvas at the bank, at the grocery store. In all levels of society we are needed. We are needed to transform the minds and actions for the sake of other people and for the future of the world 
When things fall apart Pema Chodron

Train in returning to present moment awareness. Strengthen attention, awareness (who YOU are). Notice the hooks…without judgement and let go.